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General Chat
Jump to new posts Re: IP Cameras by Nigel @ 40 minutes 10 seconds ago

Seeing as you're going to need to run a cable to the camera anyway (for power), why not look at a PoE (Power over Ethernet) camera - it uses the ethernet cable to provide power and you just plug it into the existing router this would save you having
UK Social Events
Jump to new posts Re: Eastbourne Magnificent Motors by Thunderbox @ Today at 16:25

Not heard a peep but should be getting organised about 3-4 weeks prior to Easter i.e. about the time I get back. I will get email in Oz so if I hear anything I can post on the forum.
Jump to new posts Re: Fiat Coupe 2.0 16v Plus by Rob40 @ Today at 13:52

I think the OP means can he fit the turbo from a 16vt onto his n/a lump, probably be cheaper just to retro fit a 16vt motor and all associated parts.
General Maintenance
Jump to new posts Re: Jump starter by enfant_teribl @ Today at 13:51

Thanks again Graham. It has begun raining and now snowing quite heavily so I might wait a while! As long as there is no problem leaving it connected, I’ll let it charge for a while longer and keep dry
Jump to new posts Re: downpipe/exhaust track car by suba @ Today at 13:36

I would not go without silencers unless you only plan on doing 102db days - most are 98db, and it's not worth being right on the limit as you'll get booted off without warning. I put two straight through silencers on the RX7 for this purpose - lost
General Maintenance
Jump to new posts Re: VIS diagnostic port? by Gripped @ Today at 09:04

Thanks, I'll take a look. No problems with the Coupé. I was just planning to check.
Non-UK Events
Jump to new posts Re: 25 Years of The Coupe - Turin 2019 by DaveG @ Today at 03:43

1. CC + 1 you don't have a choice 2. Barnacle + 1 3. Ballypete 4. Serg1 5. BBR + 1 6. Barmybob + 1 7. skulkin [+1] [probably] 8. Phil Vincy LE + 1 9. Clint (clintos) 10. Klaas + 1 if + 1 confirms 11. Gilbo + 1 12- Coupedummy+1 hopefully 13. DaveG +1
Technical Issues
Jump to new posts Re: High oil pressure low coolant temp? by Makkadiamond @ Yesterday at 23:02

I can’t remember but I think the coope takes 10w40 oil Often owners put 20w 50 oil which increases oil pressure quite a bit. I think the owners manual says above 1 bar is fine I personally use 10w 40 when hot I have 2 bar Regards
General Maintenance
Jump to new posts Re: Rear Wheel bearings by Countrycruising @ Yesterday at 21:30

FAG or SKF get my vote, cheaper China iron or Birth just don't last and feel like they're made from soft cheese.
Coupé Related Chat
Jump to new posts Re: Seats? by Edinburgh @ Yesterday at 21:30

Originally Posted By EdinburghOriginally Posted By CountrycruisingHaving seats refurbished is an expensive cost to have it done properly, my chap charges an average price of around £600+ depending on what's needed so as a couple of choices are you ca
General Maintenance
Jump to new posts Re: Mass Air Flow Meter by Gripped @ Yesterday at 19:32

The two Coupés with 165 and 169(mine ) we're both remapped by Flea which could explain it. Mine was spot on 155bhp before remap.
General Chat
Jump to new posts Re: Stolen Number Plates!!! by Mark_D @ Yesterday at 12:14

Originally Posted By samsite999We had this done to ours and the plates were involved in a crime, then discarded. We reported this to the police and could confirm out locations so there was no issue. As the time from the crime and then stealing was so
Technical Issues
Jump to new posts Re: Help. My 20vt wont start by Possum @ Yesterday at 11:38

Where, in this fine country, are you located as I may be able to point you to someone who has Coupe experience given that they were never sold here?
Jump to new posts Re: Anyone running Aftermarket ECU ? by barnacle @ 20/01/2019 21:07

With my engineer's hat on - I do this sort of thing for a day job, though not ECUs - I do have a couple of concerns about the hardware design. I won't enumerate them in detail here: they won't make sense to most of you and it's possible they've been
Jump to new posts Re: Rear wiper removal - grommet size by avtokrator @ 20/01/2019 13:14

I found some years ago blanking plugs for bath/kitchen sink sirve the task very well, available in chromed and white PVC, easily paintable the latter. They are the right size (at least here), “just insert through the rubber grommet and the tight” jo
Technical Issues
Jump to new posts Re: Heater matrix question by avtokrator @ 20/01/2019 13:01

Same here, better change it, especially in this seasons, when every insignificant breathe converts in foggy windows and one realises how much work actually the heating does. Just for the record, LHDs are easier to do, no need to move anything, depen
Coupés for Sale
Jump to new posts Coupe 2.0 20V 1997, blue, for auction by gcc @ 19/01/2019 22:02

Price: for auction from £300 on eBay Engine and model: 2.0 20v Turbo Mileage: 139565 Body colour: Blue (Sprint I suppose) Interior colour and material: Black leather Manufactured in: 1997 (I think) # of previous owners: 4 I think Registration: S704
Technical Issues
After searching the forum, I found that 2.2 Ohm resistance should do the job (and now I see in the manual that the airbags are 2.15 Ohms +/- 0.35). THe one installed is 2.7 Ohms. So I tried with a 2.2 one, tried to clear the fault, it didn't work, b
Technical Issues
yes, sorry - I didn't think it would be necessarry to explain why. geoff
General Maintenance
Jump to new posts Re: Engine mounts by Countrycruising @ 19/01/2019 10:51

New/old stock turns up every week around Europe so it's possible there are some 20VT mounts out there, but for your needs that N/A design will be fine as the mount itself is the same, just the Y bracket that differs.
General Chat
Jump to new posts Re: Formula E, by gum by Edinburgh @ 19/01/2019 09:17

Originally Posted By Jim_Clennell Not sure about the A A Gill comparison, Edinburgh, given the lack of racism For some reason the racist nature of Gill's spiky commentary had eluded me - that is, any article I had read of his seemed to have avoided
General Chat
Oh blimey!, that’s bad fellas. Sorry to hear about these thefts. I thought I’d inform you guys & girls that I had my number plates stolen either last night or today from my Coupe. I reckon it was done today to be honest as I reckon I’d have notic
Coupé Related Chat
Jump to new posts Re: New sills by JKD @ 18/01/2019 20:01

Am I incorrect in thinking sills are mirror opposites of each other? So even if you get hold of one, you can just flip it to create the other?
General Chat
Wont do it myself due to insurance I was qualified to work on industrial boilers at work which are used on sewage work digester's, along with COMPEX DSEAR so appreciate all the safety factors etc. I have not touched one for a fair few years now,
Coupé Related Chat
Jump to new posts Re: Free stuff by FiAlfaCouPider @ 17/01/2019 20:50

Sadly the coupe has now been disposed of . I did remove the heater / A/C assembly so if anyone needs one just shout.
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